Guitar Pick and Fingerstyle Technique

Tuck & Patti Guitar Pick & Fingerstyle Technique is a free guitar lesson with absolutely words explanation that I ever found online. Most of the free guitar lessons that I found normally will include either pictures, drawings or videos for better explanation or demonstration. This free guitar lesson that I found is just like a college text books. You'll know what I mean as soon as you visit the site. Any way, it doesn't matter what method the site choose to share the free guitar lesson, I'm fine with it as long as we're able to learn some guitar technique. Although the free guitar lesson is full with words but the page is well index. The content of the free lesson is well describe as you can clearly see it from the index at the beginning of the page. Guitar beginners can easily get to the section that they want to learn by just click on the index link. One thing that I find that is good about this free guitar lesson is that we get to print out and use it as a note to practice guitar. We can just include the missing lesson and make it easier to use. Plus we can also include hand drawings too. So much for making full use of this free guitar lesson site.

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