Discover How Anyone Can Quickly Learn To Play The Guitar With An Amazingly Simple Method! By Steve McArthur

Taking guitar lessons is so much easier when you can see and hear examples of what you are learning. The going rate now for private guitar lessons is around $20-$25 per 1/2 hour or $40-50 per hour. Learning your guitar lessons from video is the fastest way to increase your guitar playing abilities. The beauty of computer-based guitar lessons is that the lesson can contain all forms of media, from text and pictures to tablature files to audio and video.

The main advantage of video based guitar lessons is being able to see how the instructor is actually playing the material. Another valid tip is when taking guitar lessons is to not over play. One problem with guitar lessons is that a lot of great instruction and nuances are soon forgotten. However, taking guitar lessons is very much like taking traditional guitar lessons at a music store. The soul purpose of taking guitar lessons is to help you become a better guitar player. Another big thing with guitar lessons is just making somebody feel comfortable enough to play. This can be accomplished with DVD's.

Video guitar lessons are the most convenient, efficient, inexpensive method for learning guitar ever created. There are plenty of free guitar lessons if you are looking to learn the guitar, but you get what you pay for. Try to find interactive guitar lessons with tab and music playback. You may have looked into guitar lessons, but couldn't find any instructors to fit your schedule. Specially commissioned video, audio and graphics integrated to provide enjoyable and effective guitar lessons is the way to go.

Believe me with this method you'll learn to play guitar while saving hundreds of dollars in guitar lessons. Learn to play the guitar online using free guitar lessons and chord charts is not a bad way to go when you first start out. There are a number of guitar lessons online that are available now. A Search Engine for finding guitar lessons and other guitarist related resources is a good place to start.

You can begin playing right now by simply going through the free guitar lessons offered on Internet. There are blogs containing facts about guitars, famous guitar brands, guitar tabs, famous guitarists, guitar lessons and other useful guitar information. There are many guitar lessons online that help guitar enthusiasts to at least get some of the basic and intermediate know-how in guitar playing.

Choosing a guitar can be an extremely complicated task. Choosing a guitar based on price alone is not the best bet. There are many possibilities when comes to choosing a guitar, you will find that there are many options for guitar players when choosing a guitar.

Taking guitar lessons is so much easier when you can hear and see examples of what you are learning. In fact, a mix of online and offline guitar lessons is probably going to yield the best results for your guitar playing skills. DVD Guitar Lessons is most beneficial for beginner to intermediate guitarists although advanced guitarists may also find something new to consider. One of the major problems with private guitar lessons is that students go back the next week forgetting what they have been taught the previous week.

Taking guitar lessons is one of those things that everyone seems to give a shot at least once in their lives, so give it a try. Look for Guitar Lessons that provides all the tools you need to begin learning to play guitar right away. If you have ever wanted to play then getting guitar lessons is definitely something you should consider. Another big thing with guitar lessons is just making somebody feel comfortable enough to play.

Steve McArthur

Steve writes articles about topics he is interested in. He has been playing the guitar for 40 years and attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

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P/S: Perhaps the only thing that you need in order to learn how to play guitar is patient and hard work. It also depends on your ability to learn.

Tom Hess acticles about Guitar playing Teaching and Career

Tom Hess has some articles which I think guitar learners should check out. The site includes articles that talks about reaching your guitar playing goals, practice guitar effectively, overcoming guitar playing frustrations, teaching guitars and many more. Best of all you have the option of reading those articles in English, Russian or German. The site is more about theories but it really gets you the right momentum to keep on learning guitar. Sometimes it's not the techniques of learning guitar but the push that we all needed to keep on practicing. After all the only way that we can be good in playing guitar is keep on practicing. The more we practice, the better we become.

Guitar Chord fingering at Chorder

Chorder has a page call Guitar Chord fingering which contains about 5000 pages of different chords. The best part about these chords is that clear finger placing on the guitar can be seen. There will be detail info on chord, easy to read guitar chord tablatures and chord diagrams. You can also check out the page where you can learn to play c major guitar chord with simple instructions given. There will be a standard chords and beginner chords. The selection will be less at guitar chords selector when beginner chords is selected. Once you're familiar with the chords, then only switch to standard chords where more guitar chords will be available.

Build The Music Free Online Guitar Resource Center

Build the Music is a free online guitar resource center. The site collects all the free information online about guitar. Basically there are 3 sections in this site, they are schematics, resources and tools section. In these sections you can find lessons, amplifier, tab, mod guides, do it yourself and many more. There is also a community forum about guitar and you can sign up and make contribution. Check it out as the site really have lots of free guitar related information. It should be able to keep you occupied for some time.

Gootar the guitar chord search engine

Gootar the so call guitar chord search engine is not something like the google search engine. It's just basically a simple tools that gives you a clear display on where your finger should be place for a certain chord. You might find other similar programs or tools like this but all of them are similar. As long as you're familiar with the usage and helps improving your guitar skill than it's good. One thing special about gootar is the colors. As the description of this site states the mysterious correlation of light and sound, both combination can be very attractive and interesting. Some how it just seems like making learning guitar fun and interesting.

Guitar Pick and Fingerstyle Technique

Tuck & Patti Guitar Pick & Fingerstyle Technique is a free guitar lesson with absolutely words explanation that I ever found online. Most of the free guitar lessons that I found normally will include either pictures, drawings or videos for better explanation or demonstration. This free guitar lesson that I found is just like a college text books. You'll know what I mean as soon as you visit the site. Any way, it doesn't matter what method the site choose to share the free guitar lesson, I'm fine with it as long as we're able to learn some guitar technique. Although the free guitar lesson is full with words but the page is well index. The content of the free lesson is well describe as you can clearly see it from the index at the beginning of the page. Guitar beginners can easily get to the section that they want to learn by just click on the index link. One thing that I find that is good about this free guitar lesson is that we get to print out and use it as a note to practice guitar. We can just include the missing lesson and make it easier to use. Plus we can also include hand drawings too. So much for making full use of this free guitar lesson site.

Tube Guitar video guitar lessons for self learning

There is no better way to learn guitar by watching a demonstration. At Tube Guitar you get tons of video guitar lessons that you can watch and learn. Video lessons includes music styles and songs. The site has about 3 years of archives collection. I think that's a lot of video lessons that you can go through and a lot to learn.

Insane Guitar free lessons

Check out Insane Guitar for some great free lessons. The free guitar lessons can be found at archives. There are lot of free guitar lessons from many people. Guitar lessons from tap, scale, style, bass line, chord theory, heavy metal, solo, finger picking and many more.

Free Guitar lessons from Free Guitar Videos

There are a lot of free guitar lessons available at Free Guitar Videos. The free guitar lessons are categorize into beginner guitar lessons, blues guitar lessons, rock guitar lessons, jazz guitar lessons, acoustic guitar lessons, classical guitar lessons, guitar technique & theory, heavy metal guitar lessons, country guitar lessons, bluegrass guitar lessons, slide guitar lessons and rhythm guitar lessons. You can find video lessons, tablature and more within the lessons. If you wish to have a more detail or in depth lessons, you can check out their premium lessons. You'll need to pay for the premium lessons. For guitar beginners, the free guitar lessons should be enough for you to get starting.

Acoustic guitar lessons from guitar alliance

You can find lots of acoustic guitar lessons from guitar alliance. Most of the lessons are in PDF files, so you need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader to access them. There are also a few guitar pro tablatures too for your learning purposes. Check it out and see you can find any favorite songs that you like to learn.

Free guitar tabs from MXTabs

MXTabs is all about tabs. There are guitar tabs, bass tabs and drum tabs. All of the tabs are free and legal. You can also vote for your favorite tabs if you like it. The site also has a blog and forum that talks about tabs.

Free online video guitar lessons from Vanderbilly

Vanderbilly provides online video guitar lessons for free. You can even login and have your own private area and view your favorite videos. If you can't find a specific song or solo, just place a request and they might just crank it out. Watch videos and listen to the sound of guitar might just be the best way to learn guitar.

Slowhand Blues Guitar offers free blues guitar tutorial. You'll find lots of tutorial on guitar chords, blues rhythm, scales, techniques, fingerstyle and many more. There is also a community forum that you can sign up and discuss about learning blues guitar. The most interesting part of the site is the blues guitar chord and scale generator with fretboard scheme. The scheme does looks complicated with lots of option to choose. Luck that instructions are available to get a good start.

Learn to play guitar free

Learn guitar free has 2 free guitar lessons that you can check it out. It's generally basic guitar lessons that teaches you to play some tunes within a short period of time. The site seems new and hopping to get others to contribute some guitar lessons. I just hope that the author can add more guitar lessons to the site.

Free Guitar Lessons at Guitar Dreams

Guitar dreams has a lot of info about guitar lessons. The site also has a guitar forum and guitar tutorials. As for the guitar lessons, you'll find categories like alternate picking, melodic concepts, string skipping, tapping, legato, arpeggios and many more. There are also some guitar exercise for you to practice. You may submit you own lesson or riff to the site if you like to contribute some of your guitar knowledge. The site doesn't seems to be that professional but there are still lots of free guitar lessons that you can learn.

Guitar Master Class

Guitar Master Class has a verity of video lessons. You can select the style of guitar that you like to learn for example metal, rock, acoustic and many more.The site also offer free guitar lessons which they call guitar lick of the day. The free lessons includes video clips, tabs, scales and theory. Pretty much a lot of guitar info to learn.There is also a Guitar Wiki. That is a free guitar encyclopedia.

Ukulele Chord Finder

Ukulele Chord Finder is a simple flash guitar program that helps guitar beginner to improve their guitar skill. Guitar beginners are able to locate the chords and compare the sound from own practice and the program. After much practice with it, guitar beginners can also play along with the songs The site really does acts like a virtual guitar that you can play along.

Guitar and Bass Tabs from XGuitar

XGuitar has almost all the guitar tabs and bass tabs that you need. Well, almost all of the tabs. At least they got the guitar and bass tabs of famous groups of all time - The Beatles.

Guitar soloing by Sputnikmusic

Sputnikmusic has some free guitar lessons about soloing. The lessons are separated into easy, beginner and intermediate. Besides the lessons, there are comments on the lessons and discussion. Just go through the lessons and the comments and you'll learn a lot about guitar soloing. You may comment on the lessons if you any questions too.

Online guitar lessons from JamPlay

It does cost $19.95 to access all the guitar lessons on JamPlay but still there are some free lessons that you can check out before making your decision. You are able to check out some lessons at beginner acoustic lesson, beginner electric lesson and kids acoustic lesson. The free lessons provided is just 3.33% of what is provided for their members. Not much but still you might learn something about guitar.

Guitar and bass lessons at Guitar Noise

Guitar noise has hundreds of free lessons and tips on guitar. The site also has blog and forums about guitar for guitar learners to check out. Through out the site, easy songs for beginners section is a bit special. This section has a collection of songs that easy for guitar beginners to learn up. According to the site, seems like Christmas songs is the easiest song to learn up. That is true as you have the chance to practice it at least once a year. If you did learn up Christmas songs and you're good, you might be invited to jam along.

HeartWood Guitar Instruction at Seattle

Here's a site that provides some free guitar lessons, tabs, chords and lyrics. HeartWood Guitar Instruction also has other guitar related resources such as guitar teacher's lesson notebook, how to buy your first guitar, how to record at home and many more. If you're staying around Seattle and like to have a face to face guitar tutor, this site can help too.

Lessons on Electric Guitar

Electric guitar is a site the offers some free guitar lessons. Even if there are a lot of ads on the main page, the site does has some guitar lessons that are useful. The site teaches how the electric guitar works. Basically you'll learn how to get starting with electric guitar from setting up to guitar chords. The site also has a chord dictionary that has a thousand chord diagrams. There are about 11 guitar lessons and some advance lessons that you can learn.

Guitar News and Resources from Harmony Central

Harmony Central has a lot of guitar news and resources that you can check out. There are discussion forums, guitar instructions, tablature, product review database on guitars, guitar related software and many more. It's quite a lot of info in that site and should be able to take you couple of days to go through all of them.

Interactive guitar lessons at ActiveGuitar

ActiveGuitar has a lot of guitar lessons that you can check out. There are categories as getting started on the guitar, basic guitar chords, guitar strumming, basic guitar scales, basic guitar techniques, rock guitar lessons, jazz guitar lessons, blues guitar lessons, metal guitar lessons and acoustic guitar lessons.The lessons are good enough for those that starting to learn guitar. It gives you an idea on how and where to begin.

WholeNote the online guitar community

WholeNote is a online guitar community where you can find some good guitar lessons. It's a site with lots of resources about guitar. It's a site where guitar lovers gather around and talk about guitar. A lot of guitar players either full time, part time or some time players post some lessons regarding guitar in this site. You too can post a guitar lesson if you feel that you have something to share.

All Guitar Chords

All Guitar Chords is a site that has approximately 2000 guitar chords and 86 scales. All the chords are shown on a guitar fingerboard. Easy for guitar learners to practice. The chords are divided into 2 groups, that is normal and split. You just have to select from the options given and all will be shown. If you're a left handed guitar player, there is also a link for left handed chord finder.

99 ways to play guitar better

Check out Guitar Player for 99 ways to play guitar better. Well, actually it's not the way but 99 advice from 99 guitarist. You may find some words that might trigger or fine tune your skill in guitar. Sometimes that words might be the key for your break through in playing guitar.

Learn the CAGED system to improve your skill in playing guitar

If you have difficulties on learning notes, scales, chords, arpeggios, interval patterns, licks and riffs on the guitar, it is better that you try the CAGED system. It helps to master the guitar easier and faster.It is a powerful tools to improve your guitar skills in a short time.

Free online guitar lessons

Cyberfret is a site of free online guitar lessons. Guitar beginners able to learn guitar through a variety of free lessons and articles. All the guitar lessons includes video, audio, flash, MIDI and tablature to help you understand better. You can also fine a lot of information regarding guitar for example guitar chords, guitar scales, guitar arpeggios, guitar techniques, guitar styles and many more. Beside all the above, you also get to have a free metronome and a free ebook on how to solo with minor pentatonic, major pentatonic and blues.

Chords and Scales for guitar and piano

Chord House has some good online features for guitar and piano players. The site has 2 guitar rooms, easy room and advance room for guitar players to play around with the chords. Guitar players check the sound by changing the chords. You can even save the chords setting and email or print it out. That goes the same as the piano room. Beside that there is a link on the site where you can check out lots of universal guitar tabs.

Online tab player

The online tab player is good for those who wish to learn to play some famous songs using guitar. The tabs are clearly display according to the guitar played. Even a guitar beginner can understand and follow as the songs are play using guitar. You can also print out the tabs if you like but that doesn't help much if you read it from papers. It is better if you learn and play it with the online tab player. It's much more easier that way.

Guitar player TV - a web based tv experience for guitar players

Guitar player TV is a web based tv experience for guitar players. There are thousands of video guitar lessons features all levels of guitar lessons, interviews, live performance, tips and guitar products. It’s a side where you can learn guitar by watching instead of reading it. Having able to watch how experts playing guitar is much more easy to learn and pick up the lessons. Registration is free so it’s a good place for newly guitar learners to start out. There should be a lot of tips and guides on how to get you play your favorite song with your guitar

Guitar Song Library

Guitar Song Library collects a list of songs that guitar players usually play. The list of songs is categorized into easy, intermediate, difficult and impossible. These are the categories that enable guitar players to choose songs that are suitable for them to learn. Few of the initial songs listed have a link to guitar tab but most of the list does not have the link. If you’re interested, you may help to improve the list for the benefits of all guitar players that have the same interest.

My Guitar Solo helps you to solo

My Guitar Solo has some useful information to help you improve your guitar technique. There are some exercises inside which include basic craft, skills and technique of the solo guitar. There is a new topic about transposing licks. Sounds like a good way to improve your guitar skill.

Ultimate Guitar for Guitarists

Ultimate Guitar is definitely a site for guitarists and those that love to play guitar. There are a lot of information about guitar for example guitar tabs, news, lessons, community, forum contest and many more. Personally I like the free guitar lessons provided. If you like the site, then just sing up and you can get more guitar information.

TabWiki WikiProject Finger Picking

TabWiki Fingerpicking WikiProject is all about fingerpicking. It collect a lot of info including tutorial or suggestion on fingerpicking tabs for practicing guitarists. If you’re interested, you may sign up to contribute on the site. You can help to categorize tabs, determine skill level, edit and check on tabs.

Guitar Chord Finder

If you just know how to play the guitar but don’t have any idea what chord is, then you should check out guitar chord finder. It’s a simple tool that tells you what chord you’re holding down. All you need to do is just click as the same as your grip on your guitar, the chords will be listed. I think this tool is useful for those try to write a song using guitar.

The essential guitar guide

This Essential Guitar Guide seems to be long published as the first published version was way in 1995. This guide looks to be a good one for guitar learners and beginners. I’m not sure how good it is but you can check it out yourself because the first 13 page is free. Check it out.

MrFastfinger from GuitarShredShow

MrFastfinger is just the kind of guitar lesson that I enjoyed. It’s not about the lesson but it’s the way the site showing off the teaching. I think this is the coolest guitar lesson site I ever seen. Check it out. The site might take some time to load but it’s worth waiting.

Finger Skills workout from Guitar Cardio

Guitar Cardio has a page that can creates a randomly selected scale diagram and a fingering exercise for you to practice with your guitar. You just need to choose a root note, a scale type and difficulties for the page to generate the exercise. This is a tool to help improve your stamina, accuracy and skills on the fingerboard.

Online Guitar Lessons from Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks has a free membership package that you can sign up. If you really like it then perhaps you can upgrade to full access with $14.95 per month. For now, let’s just talk about what we get for free membership. First of all, you get 24 free video guitar lessons. You also able to access some features like jam tracks, guitar forums and gear review. That’s good enough for guitar beginners to check around.

Find Chord at Chordfind

You can sure find lots of chords at Chordfind but there are lots of ads in the page. Well, at least there are some useful tools and information that you can get from the site. It’s not just guitar chords that you can find here. There are also chords for keyboard and 4 string chords. There is a table that enables you to click on the chord that you like to learn.

Master that riff from master the guitar

Master the Guitar has a list of riff that you can learn. Each riff has a YouTube video showing you how to play it with guitar. You may also download the TAB. There are 39 songs available for you to learn. So pretty much can keep you busy for some time. That is if you want to learn all.

Ultimate Guitar Chord Chart for your reference

Here is a site that provides free guitar chord chart. There are more than 1200 guitar chord positions. You may also view or download the chart in PDF format or postscript format.

Billion chords Dictionary

Here’s a site where you can download Billion Chords for free. There are more than a billion chords available in this software. There are Lots of charted chord variations and impossible chord combination structures available too. Some of the features are:

  • construct any chord by choosing the abbreviations on a list
  • change the sound by choosing an instrument
  • Drawing of the chord along the virtual fret diagram
  • common tuning
  • personal tuning
  • Choose the max distance between your fingers
  • Choose the maximum fret # to display the chord charts
  • display left-handed chords
  • Change the bass note for any chord

Learning guitar from Guitar is not a free site. You need to subscribe monthly or annually to learn to play guitar. Well, at least there is a 30 days money back guarantee. The site has 3D interactive lessons lead by expert pro-instructors. It is also a 24/7 access which you can learn guitar at your own space. At least you get 30 days lessons for free.

47 free lessons from Guitar Lesson World

Other then the free 47 lessons, the site also has some exercises, video lessons and books about learning guitar. Unfortunately you only get the 47 lessons and exercises free. The video lessons and the books required to pay. Well, at least you get 47 lessons for free.

Guitar Beginner – Taps for learning guitar playing

Guitar Beginner is a site that provides riffs, licks and solos for beginners. There are no lessons but lots of tabs here. The site only listed all the basic riffs, famous solos and popular chord progression. You may find songs like eve of the tiger, seven nation army, smoke on the water, whole lotta love, smells like teen spirit, wild thing, run to you and many more.

Guitar lessons with a master lead guitarist

Here is a site for beginners at learning guitar. There are total 9 lessons that you can refer to. The lessons are mostly on electrical guitar but acoustic will be fine too. All you need to do is just skip the electrical guitar part. The lesson also base on users with left handed on the fingerboard. Another site specially for guitar beginners.

Guitar Chords at Chordbook

Guitar Chords at Chordbook has a page that helps you to learn guitar. It shows you where to press and how the sounds should turn out. You just need to check the option available and click on strum and you get to hear the sound. There are a lot of options that you can play around. You can have it as electrical guitar or acoustic guitar, right handed or left handed and also controlling the strumming speed.

Learn your note using Guitar Trainer

Guitar Trainer is a site to help you remember your notes. All you need to do is look at where the yellow dot places and click for appropriate note. Scores will be given and you can test how good you remember your notes. You can also set toggle helpers if can’t remember well. It’s an interesting site for guitar beginners.

Musical notes, colors and flesh.

Here’s one good site that combines flash with music - muxicall. The site took some time to load but worth for the waiting. After the site is fully loaded, just click on the musical note. There are 3 types of instrument that you can try out. They are piano, drums and strings. You can adjust the volume and balance. There is even a chat room that you can talk to anyone that is trying out the site. You can try hold on to the shift button and move your cursor around the musical notes. That’s the best part of the site.